The machine is designed for automatic empting of bags with plastic resin with high output


Full automatized process allows your company to achieve following benefits:

  • Increasing capacity of production
  • Saving costs of the labour
  • Machine is operator friendly
  • Improving safety and environment quality
  • Modular design with possibility of expansion for baler and automatic pallet stacker
  • Modular design ready for empting 2 materials, with full regulation of ratio of each material


Basic principles of operation

The full pallet is loaded by operator by means of forklift. When the pallet is loaded in proper position the lift of the machine by means of chain movement is raised up towards the machine head.
The Head is equipped with special designed hocks which drives inside the bags. One layer of bags is taken from the pallet to the cutting stage. Bags are opening by rotary knives and the granules falls down inside the hopper.

In the next stage, in order to avoid remaining rest of the granules, the bags are shaking by special designed hybrid biting system, which are orientated perpendicularly to the movement do the head carrying bags.

In the last stage empty bags are throwing in the stainless steel container container.

When the pallet is finished, machine gives a signal to the operator to introduce another pallet with full bags.

How Bag Automatic Empting Machine works?

Wide range of applications

Bag Automatic Empting Machine optimizes the work of companies in many industries

Plastic processing

Opróżnianie worków z tworzywem w zakładach produkcyjnych


Chemical industry

Rozładunek worków z granulatem w produkcji m. in. nawozów sztucznych, środków ochrony roślin


Food industry

Opróżnianie worków i toreb z sypkimi produktami spożywczymi z m. in. cukrem, solą, kawą


Feed industry

Rozładunek worków ze zbożem lub paszą w mieszalniach


Pellet industry

Wygodny rozładunek worków z pelletem


Styrofoam industry

Opróżnianie toreb i worków z granulatem styropianowym


Recycling industry

Opróżnianie worków z granulatem z recyklingu


Automotive industry

Rozładunek worków z sypkim tworzywem sztucznym

Bag Automatic Empting Machine

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Technical data

  • Capacity: regulated max 15t/h
  • Accuracy of the discharge : 99,98%
  • Basic machine dimensions: 2800x6000x3600 (W x L x H)
  • Pallet dimensions: 1300mm x 1100mm
  • Pallet weight max 1600Kg
  • Pallet height max 2200mm
  • Pressurized air consumption 15l per cycle, 8 bar
  • Carbon steel frame, powder coating RAL 9003, RAL3013

Basic description of machine DP15T construction

  • Carbon steel frame with modular design equipped with rails
  • Head equipped with 11 rows each containing 4 sets of stainless steel gripping hooks
  • Electrical movement of the head controlled by encoder in order to keep certain position. This solution extends durability of components
  • Pallet lift: lifting movement by means of SEW or NORD electric geared motor and 4 chains
  • 14 rotating blades made of high quality chrome steel, mounted on easy removable shaft.
  • Unique hybrid biting system consisting of steel rods with eccentricity and air strike for total bags discharge
  • Stainless steel hopper for discharged material with 45° outlet angle
  • Special stainless steel grid inside the hopper, prevents getting parts of bag in the hoper
  • Electrical control with Siemens or Omron PLC
  • Control touch panel (color, 7”) incl. disturbance notification and status. The panel allows programming of parameters such as speed, capacities, etc
  • Emergency stop and reset button on electrical control cabinet
  • Safety curtains by OMRON prevents intrusion inside the machine during operation
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Control system

  • The control system is produced by company Muehsam Rozwiązania Dla Przemysłu, according to the highest standard
  • The operation of the system is carried be 9” colour touch panel form Siemens
  • All gear motors are brand SEW or NORD, and are controlled by frequency controllers
  • Control system components are mainly SIEMENS and OMRON
  • Pneumatic components are mainly FESTO and PREMA
  • Safety components by Omron

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